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silentrokk aka Jack Rascal

2012-07-05 17:24:32 by silentrokk

ookayyyy, deffy not new to this site @ all. lol. made my profile back in the early 2000s sumtime, never really used my login tho. why? who knows? im not God i dont have all the answers, geez... anywho.. I am a producer, meaning i make music, i dont really uhh, rap or sing or anything much, i compose ALOT though, i am interested in composing music for anybody who needs music for videos and animations. Ill deffinitly post sum samples n stuff, ill also link my soundcloud page, iv just recently gotten back into sprite animation, and of course... i SUCK, i need lots of advice and tips for those willing to give. i know there will be axxholes and haters, but thats with any community so im prepared! With all that being said and mispelled this is my introduction. Hello everyone. Anyone interested in hearing my musics or working with me just let me know
FYI i go by the alias
Jack Rascal
when im dealing with music.... too much?
Oh yea i can be contacted by ovoo, email,yahoo..preferably ovoo or yahoo messenger those are my two main sources of net communication.. if u send me a email let me know here as well seeing how i have about 2000 unread emails[im guilty of being a messy ]
ovoo:Jack_rascal [also my email]

silentrokk aka Jack Rascal


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